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Thank you for your patience as we bring to you very soon NEW! website & launch our NEW! HustleHub App! Penelope x

Simplify, Systemise & Settle your Life & Mindset.

What's going on with you?

Penny Hall, your Lead Life Coach, Mindset Specialist & Self Confessed People Obsessive!  

Hi, I'm Penelope Hall, the face behind Penelope Jay, (coaching/live events)  Mindset Mindfit(online) &
now the Hustle Hub (online).

We've all made mistakes right, but do we always learn
from them?
  My own hand is up on that one, as it took years to really know what my "mistakes" were, to even see them for "who they were", because it was people complicating my life, the wrong people in my life space and head. 

Hanging out with these wrong people saw me making the wrong detrimental and painful choices over and over
again, until I truly broke.

I wasn't recognising who I was for ME and what ALIGNS me with me.  I had not recognised my own core beliefs and life values. I was putting my own worth last, and eventually forgetting I even believed I had anything that was remotely important to me. The merry-go-round I was on pumped fast, for a very long time.  

This was the feedback that was being thrown at me, full throttle. It hurt. LIke, it hurt alot! 

Often it just takes one thing, one different life move, to takes us places we thought
we'd never get to.

Emotional baggage is tough stuff, I get it! 

Our Basic Human Needs

Do you know anything about our human basic needs? Our basic human needs fall into categories, such as Physiological, Survival, Spiritual, Love, Connection, Emotional, Safety, Autonomy, Satisfaction, Self Actualisation etc.

These (and more) are required for our optimal physical and mental health.

change nothing, nothing changes

Feeling a need to be Freed Forever?

"Our core values are a part of our every day life and  are everything we strive to live for.
So, what does this mean exactly? 

Our values are the human support system, our "go to" and our inner homebase headquarters (HQ).  What really gets the happy juices flowing when you do it or think about doing it?  Have a think about what you hold dear to you, or close to your heart. On the extreme, what angers or upsets you?

Our CORE VALUES guide us internally as a kind of "intuition AND nutrition for healthy mindset & peace". This can all sound rather fluffy and woo woo, but believe me, living our values offers choices and far more opportunity to both extinguish unwanted external interference, misguidance, ill balanced judgments and behaviours AND bring in the "good stuff" for so much more fun, entertainment and good living.

Now, that's what we are talking about!

- Penelope Hall -


What does any of this mean?

What does "Holistic" mean? 
The word holistic comes from the Greek word holos, meaning “entire” or “all.” 
Rather than some far-out or weird definition, holistic treatment simply means treating the entire person. Although each human being is unique and an individual, we share certain aspects of our humanity.

Bottom line is we support you from head to toe, from inner to outer and back again. 

We will have conversations on topics like:
Awareness / Presence / Acceptance Lowering Natural Human Defenses /
Clarity & Readiness

We define a unique system for YOU:
Discover Transformation / Strategy Plans / Specialised Results Based Training
Power Mind Systems / Patience / Focus & Commitment


Your Course Opportunities Offer:
Mindset Focus / Self Communication Skills
Understanding Mental Health / Your Life Perception / Non Judgements /
Discover your SuperPower Strength /
Accept your own Shining Light

Your Results may look like:
Some Peace Inner & outer self acceptance 
Finding what's important to  you

 Reducing or eliminating stress & No Expectations
 Understanding thought patterns 

Mindset flip from fixed to flexible

Clarity,Vision & New Goals  & Rewarded Accountability

Where are you at right now?
Penelope x


With heartfelt thanks

To all who have supported me, stayed with me, listened to me, held me, educated me and loved me, THANK YOU! 


Special mentions from Penelope:

Lorelle for the opportunity to speak out and never look back.  

Georgie who is very wise for her young years.
To the loves who have come & gone, thank you for your open lessons.

Read more about Penelope here

Who do these prorammes help?
Individuals, Families, Children.
Schools Students & Teachers.
Corporate Business, Sporting Teams, 
CEO's, Supervisors, Managers & Staff.
Abuse & Trauma Victims. Everyone! 

You may notice (with time):
*Extra energy (instead of mental fatigue) 
*Positive Mindset (reducing negative thoughts)  

*A new outlook (how easy life can be)

*New Friendships (you've made changes)
*Living your values (happy & peaceful at last!)
*Your smile (embrace it) 
*Your heart is softer (love it)

"The crane is a mystical creature and is believed to live for a thousand years. The crane represents good fortune and longevity, and is referred to as the bird of happiness."