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Meet the Coach

We do this thing called life, together!

I LOVE working as a COACH.

A COACH guides a team to VICTORY right? That's the result we want when we are
part of a team, yes? 

My team began with me. I guided myself to VICTORY, and FREEDOM.


Along the way I picked up speed and have gained this qualification yes, through
life experience (the good, bad & ugly!) and now via study too. 

Hello, I am your lead trainer, facilitator, COACH.  I'm Penelope.

I am a mum and was born in Adelaide, South Australia. My love of people knows
no boundaries even from when I was a tiny tot.

I travelled extensively throughout my childhood which carried into my teenageand adult years. I still travel.  I have met people during all of my travels (yes, including the good, the bad & the ugly!!). They have all served a purpose to me,
some amazing and some, well we will leave  those alone as part of my "truly healed past".

What I found along the way was that some of our past can be left behind, quite safely, with not regrets nor internal scarring, but just as a memory, some feedback for future or "just because". 

Yes, revisiting then letting go heals,. BUT I do things differently, OUTSIDE THE SQUARE. This is where RESULTS shine! 

"If there is one thing I can pass on to you, remember who you are from the inside, and never (ever, ever, ever) give in to not living the way you want to live. Personal growth, self awareness + continual development is essential for survival, I wholeheartedly believe this. " Penelope x

Life will NEVER fully balance! Finding enough sustainable enjoyment in our life can sometimes be really hard, a big challenge. 

Does your past revisit you? AND at the most annoying times? You dream of a life that aligns, a life that just works for you and a life that would slow down. Can you relate, even now and then?

Kids -  how about you? What's going on in your worlds? Are you being listened to and speaking the same language with the people who mean the most to you? This could be your family, friends, teachers at school, anyone. 
Here's the thing for all of us, regardless of age. More often than not, we repeat learned behaviours. These can cause pain because it's just not coming together.
Until ....... something or someone breaks, or we are at that tipping point and BANG! it all comes apart.  
So, for you, how do you know when  "enough is enough" ?  Have you experienced this or about to?
Or maybe someone you know about to blow into enough pieces for a stratospheric light show, and you are very concerned for them?
Life is kind of crazy these days, and do you think it will slow down?  Well, it can actually. It's totally up to us, as individuals, and with help of people we trust, to slow the journey way, way down.  
Would you like to know how? You can even combine some fast paced life with some chill time, YOUR way!
We all feel like this sometimes: 
  • Lacking confidence
  • Fearful
  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated like on a never ending treadmill

  • Angry

  • Teary and Sad


The goal with us, is to help you ease any full on feelings you may have in any of these areas, OR if you just feel somewhat stuck and would like to move forward but do not know how to. 

This video below was the very first time I spoke in public about my journey of domestic abuse. I was frightened and proud all at the same time. My emotions were exploding and my heart racing as I stood on that stage, and what I now refer to as "My Stage of Freedom".  

Whilst I would never return to the life I had changed the locks on, at times, for sharing purposes my story just has to come out, to  "be set free".


At the time of filming and speaking at this conference my mindset was experiencing the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. I was midst family court proceedings, trying to keep it all together whilst also keeping up appearances in public.

At home it was a different story. 

I was suffering, my girls were suffering and I honestly did not understand that there was going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I had lost 10kg's which I didn't need to, I wasn't eating, I was probably drinking too much and I was staying up all night compiling and completing affidavits and court submissions. I was a wreck. 

I won't go on here, I do share my story further at events and now in book form "Dance in the Fire of Life" which you can purchase via my website here in The Library.

Briefly, I have been in business for myself for around 17 years, involving my 30 year career in the travel industry with the addition now, since 2015, Life Coaching.  

I have some really cool superpowers of my own too, which I  delightfully discovered in recent years and recognise they have always been with me.  

I am extremely creative, self driven and passionate about living a good life! 

I have worked at hotels, convention centres, tour wholesalers, airlines, gyms and retail shops. I have worked as a secretary, sales executive, tour guide, corporate sales manager, travel agent, babysitter, flower shop assistant, home loan and  airline call centres.  Rather diverse and a definite pattern of human connection.

Then here I am now. 


I have always had a high interest (more like an obsession) with human behaviour, cultural uniqueness and language.  Every thought I have seems to be outside the square with a total innate need for social justice, equality and freedom.  

Being impacted by domestic family abuse wasn't enough for me to just sit by and accept this is all life was to be for me. Inquisitive by nature, I wanted to see what I thought the other people had, those happy people and I wanted what  "they had" , I wanted it so badly, indeed it was an obsession to get there. I now recognise this as being extremely TENACIOUS, deriving from every fibre of my entire being. 

Going through some fairly life altering experiences such as I have, has changed me, alot. I don't think I would be human if they didn't. Since making it through, I will sometimes take a moment to look at my reflection and nowadays I can honestly share that I accept I am one strong woman, mum, friend, daughter, lover and business leader.  I really like who I am.

Ps. Just between us, my "calling" and my own life adversities are  WHY I am here doing what I am doing, for you. Too many of us do not like who we are, where we are and where we are going, so LET'S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Let's make Changes! TODAY!

Penelope x

Life Experiences + Qualifications:

Clint Eastwood “Make My Day” Moody.

February 21, 2018


December 29, 2017

A Penny for your Thoughts....

December 18, 2017

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