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Tosin has an impact as a presenter/speaker/coach/authoor/inspirer. His own educators and mentors helped craft his own journey of education and self reward and discipline. Here issome further information about Tosin - to set you free for your own motivation, to book and reserve your special seat to our very incredible live event in Adelaide, November 2016. 


Bob was Tosin Ogunnusi’s first ever mentor where he got the licence to teach Bob’s programmes (Born Rich and Goal Achievers).

Tony was Tosin’s second mentor this is where Tosin’s passion for empowerment activities was born. Tosin has attended Tony’s flagship event UPW (Unleash the Power Within) 9 times… 5 times as a delegate and 4 times as a crewmember at UPW.

This gave Tosin a real insight into how Tony teaches and conducted himself and from a speaking point of view learnt a lot about how to tell stories and really engage your audience.

Topher was Tosin’s mentor for NLP trainings and also Speaker Training (when it comes to Media and Keynote Speaking). Tosin started out with Toastmasters but found the rigidity of the whole process too structured and not a lot of engagement with the audience. Topher taught Tosin how to be a lot more dynamic and how to engage with his audiences.

Les has always been a personal mentor of Tosin. Tosin loves his ability to tell stories and really engage his audiences. Tosin has attended his events in London and regularly watch and listen to a lot of his videos and audio programs. 

Andy was also one of Tosin’s earlier mentors. Tosin has worked for and with Andy Harrington for many years. Tosin has known Andy since 2003.

Since 2009 Tosin reconnected with Andy and became one of his top trainers delivering his preview events, his 4 days Public Speakers University events and also a regular Mentoring speaker coach at his 7 days Elite Speaker Trainings.
Tosin also has a life membership with the PSA (Professional Speakers Academy) and he has been a life member since 2010.

Tosin now runs his own 3 days Speaking and Presenting with IMPACT trainings sharing all that he has learnt along the way.

Tosin’s speaking career has seen him travel around the world (USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Romania, Kenya, Ukraine, Poland) just to mention a few.

Amyn has been the mentor that has really grounded Tosin. Amyn is Tosin’s Spiritual mentor and his adopted Father. Amyn taught Tosin how to meditate and Tosin has been meditating regularly for over 10 years now.

This puts Tosin in a very unique position where he has the ability to hold his audiences attention with his energy and temperament. A great listener and an outstanding speaker all rolled into one.