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Gig Series 2019

 7 April 2019, Adelaide South Australia

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It's all connected, we are all connected (whether we like it or not!)

Tips on how  we do things here & inside our online academy:

  • Let our defenses down.

  • Recognise & understand how to let go. 

  •  Set realistic goals & by golly! achieve them.

  • Set MORE challenging goals & really GO!

Whether face to face or online, the whole ethos to Penelope Jay is, we
look after YOU and recognise all learning styles. Which do you learn
by for YOUR optimal performance in YOUR life?

Visual (spatial)
Auditory (music/aural)
Verbal (linguistic)
Kinesthetic (physical movement)

Like anything we do, we have strengths in some areas, more so
than others. We refer to them as our Major, Middle and Minor strengths. 






(Physical Movement)


"Sometimes we have to dress the part (personal armour),

Make some noise (speak out), then Peaceout (time for you)."
- Penelope Hall -