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Creating our own Footprints.

Let's reach out and do some good together! 



If we live among a community, surrounded by love, understanding, compassion and safety,
how do you think we will survive?

If we are provided for, looked after, kept from harm and looked
"out" for,how do you think we will survive?

How can you make a difference to your direct community?
What are you actively participating in to help others?

When we are feeling less than secure our "giving" is much less.  
Why is this?

Answer in short, because you aren't giving to yourself of which
you have either forgotten how to or don't know where to start.

The Comforter:

Homebase is comfort, it's reality of where you are right now.
Homebase is your security,
your safe zone filled with acceptance and unconditional love.

The Destroyer:

"I always wanted to make a difference, but just didn't know how".

"My life has been too full of drama, I have only just learned now how to love myself".

"I am not worthy of helping anyone, I can't even help myself for goodness sake".

The Architect:

Begin at the end, see the vision and bring your Homebase along for the ride.
Be the Creator, invite your Unique Identity along.


The Connector:
Adventure united, bringing new, kindness and love with you, ready to share.
Breath the air of others, breath the air for others when they cannot.

The Love:
Left with purity, adapting to change, guiding the spirits.