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What is  the main focus of your programmes?
Our objective inside each programme, live or online, is for people to walk away with
new or renewed life skills for their own lives.

What type of life skills would I walk away with?
Not limited to, but you could walk away with strategies for stress, anxiety, depression
and situations which arise in your every day life. Skills enabling you to control your thoughts, emotions & actions perhaps more steadily than previously.

Does this work?
Yes it does, like anything with the right tools and support, focus and commitment, your own self development can be a winner. It's about finding what works for you and going with the changes that start to occur once you have begun.


Are your live events (gigs) suitable for everyone?

Yes they effectively are. The teenager (specific) events are all targeted around "teen conversation" combined with adult input as a parent or carer for the child. 


I am scared to go outside my comfort zone, what if I fail?
Yes, we understand, we've been there too. Facing a fear can SEEM scary, when in reality perhaps it isn't, once we progress through it. Agreed, hearts can race, tears can flow and emotions can pour out, almost a certainty in fact. Regard to failing, in our world nobody fails, it's all feedback from the experiences we encounter. If it works, fantastic! If it doesn't work, what can we do to make it better?


Are your programmes dangerous?

Whilst we may explore some sensitive life topics, our programmes/live events/online courses are not dangerous. You will be asked to sign a waiver at each event and any choice/decision you make whilst participating, will be 100% yours. Not at any time do we coerce or pressure you to submit to anything you do not wish to.

Where do I begin to make changes, even if I only have 1 or 2 I feel I want to make?

Our programmes/courses/events are about mindset & change. We believe that all humans are works in progress for our whole life. Circumstances change, friends change, life changes greatly between young to older years. People come, people go. Experiences taint us or celebrate us. Sometimes we feel a little meh! and just want to try something different to spice up our life, environment or mindset. It can be small or huge! It's your choice! 

What is the SuperPowers thing all about?

Strength V Weakness. We prefer to use the term "superpowers" and to break our strengths down to Major (really good at), Middle (OK at), Minor (a little average at). We do not use the term "weakness" at all. Nobody is perfect and thank goodness we all have vastly different strengths to pull from one another. It's rather SuperPower-Y and incredibly fulfilling when someone (who could be YOU!) finds their Major Strength, their SUPERPOWERS!

What is the difference between live or online learning?

Remember, if you are an adult, what it was like learning at school? Did you ever find some subjects and activities harder than others? Perhaps you learnt from a video better than an actual written assignment. Perhaps you thrived on audio learning and really felt like "you had this" which you did. 


We all learn and take in information in very different styles (ways). Just like we all have varying tastes in clothing, food, movies and so on, our learning styles are no different. Cognitively our brains will process information in a different manner from one another. Apart from being unique individuals, the brain function plays an automatic and innate "gift" in all of us. 

In our online Academy + our Live Events, we aim to cater for all "styles of learning' ability. What you "get", the person next to you "may not get" and vice versa. 

Even at our live events, where we have speakers, and I myself (Penelope)  talk alot whilst facilitating, there is always other forms for each "style" and we ALL practise each one which allows us to be challenged and fulfilled because we are learning the way that comes "easy to us" PLUS learning perhaps a new style too (pushing the brain just that little bit harder in a new direction). 

What is a breakthrough all about?

Talking about breakthrough's can be daunting. It is a really BIG word with BIG expectations. Often this word will ward people off any type of personal growth or developing programmes because they envisage all sorts of happenings, perhaps of the "outside world" type. 

A breakthrough is very much a positive in our space here at Penelope Jay and Mindset Mindfit Academy because it may be a small light that turns on internally, it may be a new thought pattern or even the spark of a new friendship between participants. 

A breakthrough may consist of realising some behaviour that in "non serving" and causing anxt or harm to the person using it. 

A breakthrough may be giving up swearing, smoking, drinking or toxic relationships.

A breakthrough may be learning to like or love yourself. 

A breakthrough may even be your attendance and showing up at an event or an online programme.

A breakthrough may be learning to be accountable and liking it, instead of procrastinating life away. 

A breakthrough can be anything to anyone. It is a true life blessing and we all breakthrough in different ways at different times. 

Your time may be now, or tomorrow. You will know when the time is right for you. If not, then just go with it and see where trying something new takes you.