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May 20

Let’s get high


Before I discovered the real benefits to growing myself as a person through personal development I used to think feeling low was the absolute pits. Typical feeling to a typical emotion, but my lows were really low and I would crash big time and stay down for a long time, sometimes dragging other people with me. Once I learned to shift my energy faster from low to midway (not quite to high yet), I knew I was on the right path to getting my mindset sorted. I think for me my main mindset distraction or distortion maybe, was people. The toxic and controlling people who I seemed to be gathering by the day, more and more. Again, fast forward to now, whilst I may still come across a person who really isn’t “my people”, I’m pretty good at selecting who I want in my personal space and who I definitely don’t. What my own journey has taught me is that I know what [and who] I DON’T want in my life. It’s all about the self awareness thing, and getting high on life with the right people, the right way. ❤️⚙️❤️

I agree, it’s great to associate with positive, energetic and passionate people

It’s definitely a natural high with the right people and it makes a difference to our thoughts and emotions. Win win!