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May 19

I thought I was aware until ...


Hey Hustlers, How are you and your superpowers? This one came up for me today. I’ve always been a forward thinker which I liken to being an Aquarian. I also thought I was aware of what was going on with me from the inside. Bad relationships, wry friendships, unsettled mind and heart. I honestly thought these were just a part of life. That we all experienced the ups and downs. Yes which we do, but why was my life going down rather than up? Fast forward to the personal development journey and plenty of “drilling and grilling”, that dysfunctional treadmill I was once on, has long gone. So yes I thought I was aware until..... until that last straw which all but destroyed me ..... until I met the right people who taught me to find ways (strategies) to 🧩accept me as I was BUT to also introduce the art of knowing how to: ⚙️love me for me ⚙️make positive & systemised changes to my mindset and ⚙️explore further who is best for me to hang out with on a friendship level to begin with. How would you finish this same sentence .... “I thought I was aware until....?” PJ x