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May 21

Little me


When I was a little girl I couldn’t get enough of people. I know nothing’s changed in this area! I did also love my own company. At home I had a cubby house which I decorated and made extra “rooms” by hanging blankets up. One room was the mummy’s, another the kids and one was a lounge room. I’d spend all day in my cubby talking to my dolls and Teddy’s. I loved doing this. Fast forward to when I was going through my tough stuff, I became fearful of being on my own. Infact I became really needy. It was a scary feeling. It became so bad I could not be on my own, ever. Now I’m through those dark days, I thrive on my “my alone time”. It recharges me fully. I love doing this, I love my “me time”. My needy side is comforted and I feel safe. How about you have you ever felt needy and it has now passed? How did you get to your happy place? What’s something you love doing .... ? PJ x

Being in nature such as the beach, near water, golf course, park or natural forest are all happy places