Self-Freedom Warrior.

Published March 22, 2016

Life can be so serious and dramatic. We get so full of stuff and over-complicate our lives…

My MORE, I knew it was there I just had to look for it.

The road for me has had some bumps, so I’ve created some “good” to live by each and every day.

I have made drastic changes, albeit step by step, but they were still changes.  Once these changes were put to action, life did start to settle and some peace was on the horizon.

Being a Self-Freedom Warrior takes time and energy.

​I really just had to realise it, change it and heal from it.

We all make our own choices, and as life progresses some of those choices may not make us particularly proud. However, we chose them and when we decide it’s time to make some better choices, we actually can.

Taking ownership of our own actions is a big step. Completely eliminating blame toward others and releasing our defences and defensive behaviours can really set us free.

Being vulnerable (something I cover in my talks and training) is one of the reasons I am here  today. I had to be vulnerable or nothing would have changed. Nothing.

I give thanks for personal development, professional support, close friends/family and those who pointed out the ‘victim mentality’ to me.  Being a victim doesn’t excuse any unacceptable behaviours, instead it can highlight chances we all have to realise, overcome and heal.

Realise, Overcome and Heal

I have overcome so many fears. It’s quite incredible when I reflect on my journey.  Tackling my fears in new ways has set me on a road to self-freedom.


Look at me now, a different person? Actually, no, the same person in pure essence, just a stronger one, a Self-Freedom Warrior.

Want to experience your own self-freedom?

– Penelope

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