Shifting our Mindset.

Published March 22, 2016.

Shifting Your Mindset – What are Anchors and how can they help us?

Our “state of mind” (or Mindset) is a weird and wonderful part of our daily lives. One minute we can be happy and jumping for joy, the next we can be on the floor in foetal position, distraught.

These intense emotions can certainly cause havoc at times when we just “don’t have time for them” or purely “need to stay in control”.

Staying focussed and in control is important for abundant reasons. Our daily life structure may include work commitments, social activities, special events, tending to loved ones and education. 

Focus for function and general balance can equal a life of joy and freedom.

Shifting or Anchoring our “mindset” (being conscious and aware of ourselves and our emotions) has been a beneficial technique for many. Learning how to “anchor” our immediate thoughts (if they are of no use to us) is a very useful tool in our everyday lives.

An anchor can be anything – a feeling, a sound, a taste, a favourite song, exercise, a touch, a photo, or a memory.

By switching on and using the anchoring technique at a time when we are experiencing some upward emotions we can immediately hold on to this “feeling” (anchor) and recall the emotions that go with it such as feeling: happy, in control, at ease, safe, peaceful.

The “upward” emotions then have a chance to settle, to calm and “change our state of mind”.

This is particularly helpful for the restoration of balance within.

Sometimes an anchor can be physical (if the situation permits), other times our trained mind is able to “recall” the “anchor” to “shift the state”.

Some anchors for me personally are: my family; a song by singer/songwriter Jewel; special friends; and in particular the need for a closeness to the ocean (the sounds of rolling waves and the sea air give me peace beyond anything I can explain).

​What do you think your Anchors could be? We can take the time to find out and fill our lives with FREEDOM.

– Penelope

Penelope’s Anchors:Music (Jewel), her mum (love), Exercise (fulfilment), Friends (laughter and good times), The ocean (peace and restoration)

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