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A MASTERMIND. What is it & How can I help?

What do you do in a Mastermind? 
Can anyone be in a Mastermind? 
How do I start up my own Mastermind? 
What can I learn from a Mastermind? 

You can apply to join my current Mastermind in Adelaide or create your own with my help.

Below is information on my role during this process. It is what I do within my own Mastermind, and for other organisations wishing to create same within their own business environments.

Mastermind Services 

Part of my business services structure is facilitating and constructing  Masterminds. These Masterminds are serious people with like minded input brought together in business (and in turn, friendship and trust). A Mastermind group is designed to help us navigate business challenges using collective intelligence's of others. Members of a Mastermind lean on each other, offer advice and share.

My Role: (for set up of your Mastermind)

Step 1 To assist in sourcing the like minded people to collaborate, contribute and work hard toward their goals with similar outlooks and commitment to focus and results.

Step 2 Write, set up and provide you with the initial content for the Mastermind and run behind the scenes administration ensuring all is right around the table.

Step 3 On the day I facilitate the meetings which can be held weekly, fortnightly, monthly. During these Masterminds we may have guest speakers in person or via Skype/Zoom, we brainstorm, we interact, we share, we work, we do business, we connect on every level.

Step 4 We continue each month with interactive topics. 

Step 5 When you are ready I hand the reigns over to you to run your own Mastermind OR I can stay and be your ongoing Facilitator (depending on our arrangement).

Physical or Online Masterminds

Many Masterminds are run online. I have chosen at this stage to put together physical meets. Once a month is our current schedule. 

Our Mastermind Inclusions

Inclusions for our Masterminds: a table full of unique expertise and experience,  mid month connection for lunch or breakfast, private Facebook page and support like no other.

Membership, Facilitating and Saving your Seat

The Masterminds I facilitate are sought after to "secure your seat" so we run on a Mastermind Membership.
A Membership payment is applicable for 3,6, or 12 month options. Each containing upgraded inclusions.

Our Rules are Flexible (Commit, Turn up, Be You, Contribute, Have a worthy time)

There are no strict "rules" for business referrals with our MM's , it's just good old fashioned face to face connecting and interacting which creates natural referral, the way I like to do business. 

Whilst I facilitate and we keep to our programme, there is time for discussion and the true art of Masterminding. I am definitely a person "outside the square" so often we will "do different" around our table. Mindset is always at the fore, understanding how we can "do different" in our business life, which stems from our every day life - to be the success we feel we want to be.

Q. Why do I Mastermind? 

A. Because not only am I obsessed with people, .... I am also a very busy business owner who respects time especially when it can be limited. Other networking group times just didn't suit my own schedule. So I created my own Mastermind groups and voila! they were born and here we are today, successfully facilitating and loving every minute of every network opportunity.

Contact Me & Let's Get You Started

So, if you have ever thought about putting your own Mastermind group together but do not know where to start, or would like to be a part of our current Mastermind here in Adelaide,  please contact me here for an APPLICATION PROCESS AND QUALIFYING INTERVIEW. It is important to me, that I am the right fit for you and you for me (and our current members).

Penelope Hall